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This fab tool was created by the Gib’s On It team with the intention to preserve the life of you ripple boards for longer. It will fix minor damage made to the ripples.


Instructions of use:


1. Lightly sand affected area to get rid of any frays or splintered MDF.

2. Brush off any dust.

3. Apply caulk/wood filler to the damaged area.

4. Scrape the tool up and down the damaged area until you can see the caulk/filler is shaped like the original ripples.

5. Use the edge of the claw to remove any excess caulk/filler between the ripples/ridges.

6. Allow to dry and paint over as normal.


7. If using on a flat surface of a prop, use the flat surface of the tool and follow the same above process.


Other uses:


- Evenly distribute paint whilst painting the ridged sailboards

- Smooth out vinyls

Gib's ripple repair tool

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